First Class B-Grade

Hands up anyone else who thinks Germaine Greer oughta just STFU. I wish she’d stop pretending she’s some kind of expert on Australian culcha when she hasn’t lived here since… what… 1915? Her latest target is the film Australia and I shan’t even bother to link to her nonsense as she doesn’t really deserve the time of day. But this film has divided the people around me, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I loved Australia. It was fantastic, good-ol’, craptacular cinema at its very best. It was first class b-grade art, which, I’ve come to realise, is my favourite kind of art.

In fact, I reckon my books are first class b-grade. At least, that’s what I intend for them and I kinda think that, most of the time, I hit the mark. I do get ribbed by those around me from time to time about my populist tastes and how I’m not interested in Tim Winton, and have taken a few accusations of being a philistine on the chin. But I’m not a philistine. I’ve read a lot, and very widely. For instance, when I was researching Angel of Ruin, I read Milton’s Paradise Lost three times. Hell, I even read his Areopagitica. But  I also read a lot of Stephen King. Hence: first class b-grade.

Better by far than being second class a-grade, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyway, I digress. Germaine Greer FTL. She spent a lot of time in her youth banging on about how everyone’s equal, but consumers of popular narrative clearly aren’t in her opinion. She has a crack at Australia for being a “Mills & Boon” romance. Excuse me, Prof. Greer, what do you mean specifically given that, last time I checked, M&B had nearly 30 subtly different imprints? That’s the problem with looking at everything from up on high, you tend to lose sight of the detail.

Still, Germaine’s not going to listen to me.  When Tolkien was voted author of the century she described it as a “nightmare”. If that’s what you have bad dreams about when you’re a cashed-up fully-tenured honorary adjunct professorial somethink-or-other, then life must be very nice indeed.  She’s gone so far left she’s come all the way around to the right. Elitists think they know everything. Let’s not tell them the truth.

7 thoughts on “First Class B-Grade

  1. when obama won, gg bagged michelle for what she was wearing. i didn’t know feminists crapped on about what other women wore, especially well-educated career women. i thought focusing on a woman’s wardrobe was insulting to feminists. it is to me. and there she went a babbling away and comparing her to a butcher.


    those i’ve spoken to (here in the u.s.) who’ve seen it have loved it.

  2. She likes to be the expert on everything. There is nothing wrong with that…but it helps to actually *be* an expert in everything. 🙂 One of my mates on the Gold Coast was actually employed by her to help maintain some land she has…she certainly thinks she is in a class of her own and everyone else is much lower. That isn’t feminism…and she gets the real feminists tarred with the same icky brush.

    As for the movie…it has people talking about Australia. Even if it was the worst movie ever – and it isn’t by a long shot – that is a good thing.

  3. Oh Germaine makes me laugh. She’s so hopelessly out of touch and completely misses the point. When I was 20 I pegged her as a hero. Now I have the choice of either getting really angry or just laughing at her.

    I pick the laughter. It’s the new year’s resolution I pulled out of a cracker last week: ‘Laugh more’.

    Isn’t that a great resolution? Other people at my table had things like ‘Read the bible from start to finish’ and ‘Watch what you eat’. (Don’t know where these crackers came from!)

    I think GG likes to provoke a reaction – she wants to be noticed and talked about. Let’s chuckle and ignore her instead.

  4. I remember going to see Naomi Wolf talk a year or so ago in Sydney and she said she was on some chat show with Germaine who was very lovely to her. Until the cameras came on – then she began savaging Naomi. When an audience member asked how that made her feel, Naomi laughed and said that Germaine plays the game. She knows what makes the headlines and how to court the media. I have to laugh at some of GG antics at times.

    As for Australia – I haven’t seen it yet. I will because I want to see CM’s set design. I’m not a Baz fan, I’ve really disliked his previous films and so I’m not expecting much from this one. That’s just my personal taste. I do have to say I think the two leads are so unsexy. Sorry, but they do nothing for me. If Johnny Depp’s not in it – I don’t want to know!

  5. Let’s be clear about one thing: I am not a Hugh fan. To me, it always seems like he’s just waiting for the right moment to break out the “jazz hands”. Nor am I a Nicole fan. Nor am I a Baz fan. I’m especially not a fan of stories about cattle and Darwin. That’s why I was so surprised to like the film. K
    ps. I did like Romeo + Juliet a lot though.

  6. I think GG has reached that point where she is obviously seen as the cheerless hack who left our shores for more wintry pastures and we’re perhaps glad didn’t return. But then, we (mostly) believe in free speech (as GG must, most fervently)… so she can say whatever petty and hypocritcal things she wants about whatever, and we can feed on her in forums like this.

    I liked Australia, but there was stuff in it that gave me the werrets. But I think it was mostly a NK/WoO thing.

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