My poor sad feminist heart

This might only concern those of you who are Queenslanders, but our Premier, Anna Bligh, has admitted to using Botox. It’s “no big deal” she says: it’s just like colouring your hair.

Except it’s not. For starters, colouring your hair involves buying a box from the supermarket and whacking it on at home. Biggest danger: dripping it on an expensive bath mat (I suspect she has expensive bath mats; I certainly don’t). Botoxing thyself involves paying a professional to inject small amounts of muscle- and nerve-paralysing toxins into your face. No comparison.

But more importantly, Ms Erstwhile-hero-of-mine Bligh, it’s a “big deal” because you are telling us all that what we fear is true: even if you are a woman of incredible strength, intelligence, and power, you have to be worried about wrinkles. When men in power get older, society thinks of them as wise and experienced. When women do, they’d better cover it up in case somebody says they’re a tired old dog. Anna Bligh knows this, I am sure, as she is an ex-crazy-leftie-feminist, so her “big deal” stance is totally disingenuous.

Don’t get Botox, people. It makes your face look weird. Let life leave its tracks on you: it proves that you did stuff.

I’m sorry, I realise this has nothing to do with writing, but that’s why I created the “necessary vent” category. Also, covering up the fact that I’ve not written anything yet.

And now, for some Botox-related laffs, check out “Target Women: Botox”.

10 thoughts on “My poor sad feminist heart

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the Botox! Most forty and over women I know have had it but I wouldn’t bother. In fact, I know somebody who works for a surgeon who injects the women and she said that a lot of the women cry in pain as they’re being injected. Plus, you have to keep having it. It’s a poison pure and simple. Wrinkles are sexy!

  2. That video clip was priceless! Love it. Thanks for venting, Dr Kim.

    What was Anna Bligh thinking? It’s bad enough going to my GP and seeing all the posters and advertising for Botox in the waiting room, I don’t expect our Premier to endorse it, too. Grrr.

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  4. Loved the clip. And I was quite taken with the idea that wrinkles are punctuation. I like my punctuation.

    Why can’t people embrace their experience and wisdom? Though I imagine Anne Bligh suffers from being in the spotlight, as women politicans are judged on their appearance as much as their policies.

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Here we are, telling our daughters that looks aren’t everything, that they should love themselves for who they are, and we have these (apparently) grown-up women in the public eye saying ‘but a bit of botox is okay’.

    Is a bit of bulimia okay too? And maybe the odd ‘E’ tabbie to make sure you blend in with your fellow Fortitude Valley clubbers (well, it’s about respect, isn’t it!)?

    In the words of Brigitte Bardot: “Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it”.

    And I’ll add to that – every shape, every size, every laugh line…

  6. Well said, Kim!
    The saddest thing is if every woman in a power job said, ‘take me and my wrinkled wisdom as I am or go jump!’, nobody would have the need to do it. Who’d want all that pain, anyway … definitely weird!

  7. i just hang out with runners and snow skiers. we’re all so leathery. wrinkles and sun damage give us bragging rights.

    i’m old, baggy, saggy, and grumpy; in my world, i’m phkn fabulous.

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