Vampires in Volvos

One thing I love about being on holidays is catching up on my reading, and I’m finally doing Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, which I’m enjoying very much. The things that I’m liking most are (a) the atmosphere of the rainy peninsula town, (b) the clumsy lead character, and (c) the fact that the sexy vampire love interest drives a Volvo. I don’t know if this is some kind of mad irony–what with Volvo being widely considered as the safest car in the world–but I get a giggle every time that silver Volvo shows up because I used to drive one.

Not a vampire... honest

Not a vampire... honest

I have a feeling Bella is going to need more than SRS, ABS, and SIPS to save her (edited to add: I was right, and thank God she finally showed some spine and savvy in the last few chapters: saved the book). Sadly I sold the Volvo (or the Wolvo as we fondly called it) to my brother-in-law earlier this year and bought a distinctly undead-inappropriate Subaru Outback. Getting rid of the Volvo did, however, alleviate some of the problems we were having teaching my daughter the right word for a certain part of her anatomy.

I can certainly see why these books have been so popular, though they are not without their problems–both in execution and in ideology. But it is so very rare to just open a book, start reading, and not be tempted to put it down. That is an enormous skill in itself. Despite the glorious view over Queenstown that we have from our apartment, I have barely looked up all evening.

6 thoughts on “Vampires in Volvos

  1. Kim,
    Please, please. please promise me that you will not see Twilight at the cinema. You WILL be disappointed. I much prefer the movie I had going in my head to the one on the screen. I will forever be Bella in my head movie!!

  2. Kellie,

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I was so disappointed in the movie. Edward was no where near as gorgeous on screen as he was in my head; the Cullen’s makeup far pastier on screen than I ever could imagine, and there were far too many breathy teenage angsty kinda noises in the movie – that drove be demented.

    Like it often does, the movie spoiled the book. I am just grateful I didn’t see the movie before I read the book. Like you, the movie in my head reigns supreme. .

  3. all volvos smell the same. boy, was i cautious typing that sentence. it’s also the only word i enunciate like a trained stage actor. and when i was in minnesota this winter, i nearly proposed to my friend’s volvo’s seat warmers.

    good luck with teaching your daughter ~Mulva~. it backfired in my family; however, in sex ed in 4th grade (god, i loved my school), i was the only one who knew the difference btwn a Mulva and a Regina.

  4. Well, KnM, most important difference between Mulva and Regina is… Dolores I guess. So pretty significant that we all know where that is.

  5. So far I’ve read “Twilight” and “New Moon” and have just started reading the third. I’m way past the age-group this is aimed at but I’ve enjoyed them as a great read. They don’t have much literary merit and I’m also concerned about some of the ideology – that beauty in a man seems to be of the utmost importance to the main character and also that she is obsessed with her relationship with Edward and Jacob and appears to have little else going on in her life. Also I gather that some violence is o.k. in American teen novels but not sex! I’ve ploughed through 2 1/2 of these novels and still the relationship hasn’t been consummated.

    However, I actually liked the film better than the novel. It was great seeing those characters come to life although there was some weak acting from some of the supporting cast. I thought Robert Pattinson was well-cast as Edward, pit he had to use an American accent. I thought the sexual tension came across much better in the move than in the novel where I got sick of reading about the descriptions of his perfect face and marble features, etc.

  6. Unfortunetly the movie did let the books down, but i find that often happens with most books, even harry potter, when they try to translate so much work onto the screen, it just never really seems to work. I would love to see them make a movie of some of your books though Kim, that would be amazing. The one movie series that i felt translated well to the screen was Lord of The Rings, i absolutely loved those movies but i found the books hard to get through 🙂

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