Year’s Best Fantasy

vglgIn other news…

My story “The Forest”, which was published in Dreaming Again last year, has been selected for Tor Books’ Year’s Best Fantasy collection in the US. This is beautiful surprise: essentially, the short stories that go in YBF are the ones that the editor has selected as the best from all around the world in the calendar year. So it’s a big international honour.

On top of that, I am delighted to tell you that the American Library Association has named The Veil of Gold (as it’s known in the States) as best fantasy novel on its 2009 reading list! I’m particularly pleased about this one, as I bled into that book. Bleeding into a book should always bring rewards (as long as it’s your own; not just some random one you pick up at a store).

Colour me smug!

12 thoughts on “Year’s Best Fantasy

  1. Woo & a mighty big Hoo on both achievements Kim! That is fantastic news. I’m really happy for you.

    *ponders what colour smug would actually be*

  2. Congrats Kim, well done. I am sure you knew they were good, but it’s even better when someone else tells you they are.

    Now back to work! 🙂

  3. Hip hip hooray on both counts!

    That short story collection I once bugged you about putting together now has a major selling point. Hint hint…

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