The pains of surgery

No, no, I’m fine. Recovered from my illness with a new determination not to drink any Coke Zero and generally to live healthier. And, after a long time away, returned to my story. To my 23 000 words. Only to find that a good percentage of those words were the wrong ones.

I can thank my magnificent literary agent for pointing out the bleeding obvious to me; that the first six chapters were bristling with extra scenes, ideas, and characters. I finished the phone call to her psyched up to do the cutting, rewrite the new, better, tighter, more engaging scenes, and return to the new writing with focus and vigour. But having just cut 7000 words from the MS, I feel rather despondent. It’s demoralising to see that word count at the bottom corner of the screen fall below 20 000– and well below 20 000, at that– when my imagination had prepared me to be at 40 000 or so this week. I have a research trip to Tasmania booked in a few weeks, and wanted to be vastly more advanced in the MS by then. It’s the literary equivalent of walking miles in the hot sun to the store, only to find you’ve left your purse at home. Except more exhausting. And there’s more of a longing for alcohol. And a tad more self-loathing.

So, once more into the breach, my friends. Onward to the new and improved 20 000 mark, and so on and so on. As Dory says in Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

6 thoughts on “The pains of surgery

  1. ouch. I can only imagine how that must feel, but even my imagination says it has got to be painful. I hope you still reach your goal despite the setbacks.

    Good Luck.

  2. Oh Kim…that does sound awfully painful. I know this is probably no consolation what so ever, but I have just spent the last few weeks listening to a similar story of despair from a fellow author we both know and love…… I am getting the idea that it is an occupational hazard…hehe. You have been here before and no doubt will be here again. My advice……ring another writer and vent….they will so get you. lol. Good luck

  3. Katherine, pretty much all caffeine gives me palpitations. But, yeah, it made me pretty wired. I’m glad to have broken the habit.

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