Breaking backs

Just a short one. I am setting myself the challenge this week of writing 15 000 words (by midnight Saturday), thus taking me to 40 000 words, which is a significant number and should constitute roughly a third of the book. This blog will function as my public accountability. Rather than posting a new blog each day, I will just edit this one so check back if you want to see how it’s going.

Up at 2.30 today, tending to the sick infant. Couldn’t sleep after, so came in here to write. 2407/15000 (total word count: 27465)

Finally had a good night’s sleep and wrote just over 3000 words between 5 and 7.30am. 5438/15000 (total word count: 30496)

Didn’t write this morning. My neck was stiff from too much key-mashing in WoW last night. Just sat down to do daily quota now. 7193/15000 (total word count 32251)

I would like to be going faster, but I had to write a whole chapter I hadn’t planned on;  had to stop and research in between scenes. 9990/15000 (total word count 35048)

Feeling very tired today, and I can hear Mirko playing hide’n’seek with the kids and certainly don’t want to be here at my desk anymore. 12738/15000 (total word count 37796)

This morning was the hardest morning yet. One a.m. wake-up call from 6yo with nightmares. Hardly any sleep after that. I’m exhausted, but I made it. 15042/15000 (total word count 40100)

End of post.

9 thoughts on “Breaking backs

  1. Glad to see you finally had a good night’s rest!

    Must be the week for it (have to love school holidays *lol*). Once my teen is gone (later this morning/early afternoon) I’ve set myself a similar goal – 40,000 is in my sights and there will be no reason why I can’t knock over a high count everyday to get the m/s moving along!

    Yay on your word countage!

  2. That is amazing, Kim. A lesser person might have lolled around eating Easter eggs and feeling sorry for themselves. I have no doubt you will reach your word count and probably way beyond your goal. I don’t know how you do it without sleep! Daisy is still waking most nights and the broken sleep is a total killer. I can’t do those early morning writing sessions I used to love. Sorry to hear about your cancelled Tasmanian trip. When things happen to me like that I tell myself that spirit was looking after me. I play this game where I know if I had gone the plane would have crashed or an accident would have happened etc. Hope Astrid has picked up and is back to her bouncy self. xx

  3. ah ha! you said you didn’t like maths, but here you are get mathalicious on us.

    my stepkids had to leave the house by 4:30 am today to get their flight back. i couldn’t get back to sleep. as i was tossing and turning, hating the morning, i thought about you and your goal (and your sick love of the morning). that made it better. don’t worry, i’ll be my cranky self all day, but at least you gave me some joy. if i can’t sleep in, then i’ll find joy knowing that kim is writing.

  4. Well done, Kim. Hope Astrid’s feeling better, and the rest of the family didn’t catch anything. Sorry about Tassie. Better for her to be sick at home, though, than on holiday or on a plane. I remember landing in Melbourne airport once with a toddler in nothing but a nappy. (The toddler, not me:)He’d thrown up on the plane, and of course I didn’t have any spare clothes packed in hand luggage. Hubby sacrificed his jacket for me.

  5. Congratulations, Kim. You made it! What a marathon. You never cease to amaze me with your commitment. Come what may, you write. Kamakaze Kim, I wish I had an ounce of your hard core writing work ethic. You’ve inspired me greatly. After joining your Hexebart’s Well site, I decided to start my own writing blog, The Writing Cat (, last week. I hope that it helps me to write or at least to get the word count up. Wish me luck! Joanna :))

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