A most satisfying weekend

First of all, WTF has happened to my blog roll? It’s disappeared. Seems to be some kind of WordPress issue… please don’t be offended if your link is missing. I am working to restore normal transmission.

My husband pushed me out the door with my laptop on Saturday, and sent me to a hotel in the city to write. There is something amazingly motivating about paying that much money for a night’s accommodation: to make it worth my while, I racked up nearly 9000 words, taking me to the 90 000 all together or roughly 3/4 of the book. I wanted to keep going today, but the book has changed gears just here, so I need to rest and regroup a day or two. I had hoped to join the QWC writers race Tuesday night this week, but don’t think I’ll be ready to go. (For those who are members of the QWC and have an AWM online subscription [worth it!], they run writing races every Tuesday night between 8 and 9: fabulously motivating). But the story is nearly d0ne; I can feel the pull of the end.

Then, this morning, I heard the wonderful news that I’d won the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review at the Ditmar Award ceremony last night. Woohoo.

So all in all, a most satisfying weekend. Now, where’s my champagne?

5 thoughts on “A most satisfying weekend

  1. That’s a fantastic place to be at Kim and doing it in a room of your own …. no interruptions, no familial disturbances (they are wonderful but not so conducive to getting words done). Personall, I love that gear change feeling. That ‘unh’ feeling like trains shunting….(this could be sleep deprivation talking now *lol*). I get so impatient when I can feel it coming and can’t quite get to it.

    Congratulations too on your Ditmar win!

    Definitely time for some champers as you mull and regroup to the next, final phase of your book!

  2. 90,000 and 9,000 words in one weekend! (sorry, I said 70,000 in AWM online writing race). That’s brilliant, Kim. You must have clear ideas about where you are heading before you write.
    Congrats also on the Ditmar award. I read your article a few weeks ago. Brilliant.
    Well done again, Kim!
    I’ve pulled my blog off public view (The Writing Cat). Too ho hum. A non event; depressing writing about my writing procrastination. Having a break from Facebook too for a while. Great that there is a strong, supportive Australian online community of writers, wherever you look!
    Go Kim, the incredible writing machine.
    Glad that you have rounded the corner and are heading for the home stretch with your latest book.
    Joanna :))

  3. Not sure if my last comment was submitted. If it was, delete this one. Screen went blank. OK, here goes again.
    Congrats, Kim, both on your fabulous word count and on the Ditmar award. I read your article a few weeks ago and loved it.
    Glad that you have rounded the corner and are into the home stretch with your latest book.
    Joanna :))

  4. That’s brilliant, Kim. Fantastic output for one night’s flurry on the keyboard. I wish I could rack ’em up that quickly. All the best for the final dash to the finish line.

    Cheers, Nathan.

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