What is writ is writ, and thus can be rewrit

My title borrows from a canto of Byron’s Childe Harold poem.

My task is done — my song hath ceased — my theme
Has died into an echo; it is fit
The spell should break of this protracted dream.
The torch shall be extinguished which hath lit
My midnight lamp — and what is writ, is writ —
Would it were worthier!

On Friday night, I finished “Field of Clouds” after a marathon 9000-words-in-9-hours writing effort (and if you were part of my FB cheersquad, I thank you very much!). I haven’t blogged until now because I simply haven’t had any words left in me. But now I’m here in the post-book vacuum, reflecting on the immediate aftermath of the book. I feel:
a. tired
b. disconsolate
c. disappointed
d. adrift
I can’t yet enjoy all the things I said I’d enjoy when I was done: reading–meh, gaming–meh, drinking a bottle of Veuve Clicquot–well, okay, that was fun but only while the bubbles were still popping.

BUT, the book is finished and that is a relief. Even if I doubt it now (and I don’t always… sometimes I think it might be quite good) I’ve got a complete story to work on: to massage and to coax into shape. And the promise of something new is always a good way to console oneself. Goodbye number 21, hello number 22.

9 thoughts on “What is writ is writ, and thus can be rewrit

  1. 9000 words in 9 hours? My God! You really are superwoman.
    I’m in awe and also in empathy for the abcd of current emotions.

    I had a reading of my work in progress play on Sunday and am now adrift, aimless and despondent. I’m trying to give myself a good smack around the head to get back into it, but my will is weak.

    Hope you’re feeling happy about it all very soon and that you enjoy the editing.

  2. ‘Field of Clouds’ is a lovely title, Kim. Suits Tasmania. You must be exhausted. I know I am and I haven’t even written a book. And already you are contemplating number 22! Glad that will be writing an adult fantasy novel again next up. Joanna :))

    • Wait a minute….will somebody please clarify for me the difference between Kim Wilkins and Kimberley Freeman? I am new to Ms. Wilkins books, just on my second one now, so who is Kimberley Freeman? An alias? A Nom de Plume? Somebody please elucidate!

  3. WOW kim, congratulations!! That’s fantastic you must feel very appreciative to have finished. Hope you eventually feel like enjoying your gaming and reading. 🙂 Can’t wait till the book is released! Congratulations again, Amanda.

  4. 9000. jeeebus, stick you in a hotel with spicy chips and wine and you find your inner beast! you eat old IBM Selectric typewriters for lunch.

    the only action figure i remember having was the bionic woman doll. i could roll up the skin of her arm (nice) and see the machinery. hm.

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