It is time for me to sweep away the negativity and sweariness from the front page of my blog, and talk about something positive. I’ve had a few batches of new students in the past couple of weeks: a new Year of the Novel group, a new Year of the Edit group, and two new courses at uni. It’s been so lovely to talk to them about writing. Together we’ve discussed inspiration, creativity, best times of the day to write, responsibility to the story, and ideas, ideas, ideas. It constantly amazes me that I’ve taught so many people over the last seven years, and yet each one of them has something unique to express. Even if they sometimes write about similar things, the stories always come out so differently, and I always get a little thrill of excitement when somebody tells me what it is they want to write during a course.

Sometimes teaching makes me weary, but I don’t think that I could actually give it up now. I’m quite addicted to it. I feel a bit like a midwife, sometimes, and it is quite an honour to be present at the birth of something new and so passionately loved. Of course it isn’t possible to stay in touch with everyone after a course, or help everyone develop their MS to publication (I apply the rule of Mum before I take on any work mentoring: if I haven’t seen my Mum for a week, then I’m too busy), but it’s nice to have had each student in my life however briefly. A little spark for my engines.

4 thoughts on “Bump!

  1. Hello Kim,
    Teaching can be very rewarding indeed. I used to be a High School teacher of French and Spanish. The biggest problem was that I had to teach English grammar as well because they did not know an adverb from an adjective or a past participle from subjunctive. Very very wearying indeed. But when, at the end of a school year, some of my students could actually compose entire paragraphs in French, then I felt I had accomplished something.

    And good on you for recognizing priorities, especially seeing your Mum!

  2. Gee, thanks, Kim. That’s why we love you. But about the midwife bit – I can’t remember the midwife from my younger son’s birth. I was in too much pain and she wouldn’t give me any drugs. I ran into her socially a couple of weeks later and had no idea who she was:)

  3. Hi, Kim.

    Something great happens when you get a bunch of creative people together to discuss their art. The YOTN classes induced ‘creative storms’ in me, creative juices were flowing, ideas were sparking ideas, and anything was possible. In part, this is due to the generosity of everyone in the class. And I can say, having done a number of creative writing classes, it is largely due to having a great teacher. I’m glad you get as much out of teaching as your students do. Go, Girl.

  4. Aww shucks. I miss our old YOTE classes but our little critique group is going well – some of us are still working on the same YOTE projects and some are playing with shiny new stories. But we still go back to our editing notes from class to help each other out.

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