Parallel importation restrictions happily ever after

Today the government rejected the Productivity Commission’s recommendation to scrap PIRs. In plain terms, this means:

Evil “coalition for cheaper books”: you have been owned
Barely disguised right-wing naysayers on limp blogs: you have been owned
Barely disguised right-wing media outlets: you have been owned
Dozens of people who can’t spell or punctuate who say provocative things in comments sections of newspaper articles: you have been owned
Authors: epic dropz for you

Thank you and good night.

11 thoughts on “Parallel importation restrictions happily ever after

  1. Who would have thought – the government actually made a sensible decision. As soon as I heard the news, I came right here. I knew you’d have the last word!

  2. So my novel will be purple? Neat. The only thing better than epic novel loots is knowing it will be pulled from the smoking corpse of Bob Carr’s ambition.

  3. Hello Kim,
    Please forgive me for using the HW Forum to write you, but the email I sent to your email address was rejected.

    Hello Kim,
    I hope this finds you and your husband and daughter well. I know it has been a while since I have written, but I do follow your Hexebart’s Well. Congratulations on the recent victory!

    I wanted to tell you that my friend Pamela from Australia sent me The Resurrectionists and I am reading it and finding it deliciously horrifying. The story within the story is marvelous! Your skill at changing the style to fit the time is truly amazing. Sometimes I feel like I am reading two books. When a diary portion is over and I am back with Maisie, it is almost like waking from a dream. I am only halfway through it, though, and dread the denouement. I still have The Infernal to read. Started it but could not get into it. I know it is not one of your personal favorites, but still I want to read it. It did win you an award, after all!
    Your loyal fan,

  4. The PIR issue is complex, I know, but something everyone ignores is the fact that books in Australia are a lot more costly than in other parts of the world. I’ve lived in Europe and North America and books are much more reasonably priced there. I reckon that is a bit tempting for those who love books, too: the thought that there you could get two paperbacks for less than the cost of one larger paperback here in Oz. I bought one just the other day and it was almost forty bucks. I remember when a hardcover cost that, not a paperback!

    • I hear you, Lucinda, but often the cheaper OS books are not as nice: pulpy paper, tiny fonts. The US version of Giants, for eg, is so pulpy it’s hard to read. I think one thing that was really forgotten in the whole “authors are greedy” scenario is that authors, first and foremost, are readers and they love books and buy a lot of them.

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