I love my boss

My boss is so cool. She sent me on this all-expenses paid trip to England to come up with ideas for my new fantasy series. I love her so much. Look where she sent me today! “Go see the Staffordshire hoard,” she insisted. “Get some ideas.” Sure, she’s a slave driver the rest of the year, demanding I meet deadlines, expecting way too much of me, always being overly picky. Nothing’s ever quite perfect enough for her, and she gets me to work at all hours of the day and night. But when you’re in lovely, rainy, Christmassy London looking at Anglo-Saxon treasures, it’s easy to forgive her.

5 thoughts on “I love my boss

  1. Hope you enjoy it. I grew up in Stafford, the county town of Staffordshire and have very fond memories, it is a beautiful place and then spent 6 yrs in London, a beauty in a different way

  2. If I had the opportunity to do research that took me beyond written accounts, I would certainly hold onto it!

    Besides, Christmas is that wonderful time of year to be giving. I bet your boss is quite proud that she could give you this opportunity. 🙂

  3. When I heard about the Anglo Saxon hoard being found my imagination went mad. I have my own ideas about how the hoard came about and I used this for my NaNo writing this year.
    As an amature historian it was right up my alley. You never know, I may have another novel to try and get publishers interested in.
    Good luck with you own storytelling.

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