Outside my window

I’ve been up early writing this morning. I promised myself I’d write just 300 words then go back to bed if I was tired, but I stayed and finished the scene and I’m quite pleased with myself. I turned off my internet connection so I wouldn’t be distracted, but found myself distracted instead by the view outside my window. All green and cool and white sunlight and Mt Coot-tha in the distance.

But it’s not just the gorgeous setting outside my window that attracts my attention. There’s a big wasp nest on top of my window (don’t worry, I have screens) and I’m fascinated by them. At five a.m., they’re all asleep. I come in here and open my window and the bumping makes them all stir but they just snuggle back down again. But now they are flying about doing wasp-y things. They are so industrious, they are an inspiration.

Much more fun than the interwebz.

One thought on “Outside my window

  1. Hi Kim,
    I would be distracted by that view, too. If you love those wasps doing “wasp-y things”, then you would love my place (not due to the view though). In the past few years I’ve had an abundance of busy creatures who seem to be attracted to my home: thousands of bees, bats who love my cedar tree out the front, wasps and hornets, a german shepherd who would not leave, and a red belly black snake who invited himself into my broom closet for a winter’s nap (while I put up with the others, this one was quickly evicted). One swarm of bees (I’ve had two at different times) made a hive within my brick wall under the kitchen window and went to work making honey. Sadly, I couldn’t get to the honey to make their stay profitable.

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