Hexebart's Well

Outside my window

I’ve been up early writing this morning. I promised myself I’d write just 300 words then go back to bed if I was tired, but I stayed and finished the scene and I’m quite pleased with myself. I turned off my internet connection so I wouldn’t be distracted, but found myself distracted instead by the view outside my window. All green and cool and white sunlight and Mt Coot-tha in the distance.

But it’s not just the gorgeous setting outside my window that attracts my attention. There’s a big wasp nest on top of my window (don’t worry, I have screens) and I’m fascinated by them. At five a.m., they’re all asleep. I come in here and open my window and the bumping makes them all stir but they just snuggle back down again. But now they are flying about doing wasp-y things. They are so industrious, they are an inspiration.

Much more fun than the interwebz.