Hexebart's Well

All shall love me and despair!!!!!!!!!

When it’s all working, writing a book is the Best. Fun. Ever.

You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of reading a really good book, and you’re thinking you’re going to diiiiiiiiiiie when it finishes but at the same time you can’t stop flipping the pages? It’s that times a gazillion.

You know that feeling when you’re at a dinner party or some such and you’re cracking one-liners and dropping intelligent witticisms like fucking Oscar Wilde but with better hair? It’s that to the power of infinity.

You know that feeling when you’re thinking about somebody you know who is teh awesome and you’re half in love with and then you realise that person is a fictional character and the lines just got a little blurred? It’s that turned up to eleven.

You remember that feeling when you were a kid? All of it? It’s that, but without the bad stuff where they called you Bucky Beaver and said Rick Springfield would never lerve you.

It’s sunshine on rain. I fucking love it.