The Infernal: thirteen years later

1997: more hair, more lace

In July 1997, I launched my first novel, The Infernal, at the University of Queensland bookshop on campus at St Lucia. The launcher was Frances Bonner, who was one of my teachers (she’s now an Associate Professor and she supervised my PhD); my bestie Kate Morton did a short reading for me (she’s now a super-famous internationally bestselling author and still my bestie); and my MC was Norman Doyle (he’s now a well-respected and busy actor). I was a third-year undergrad, and utterly clueless as to how publishing worked. But, yeah, I was pretty excited.

And I’m pretty excited all over again because, 13 years later, Ticonderoga Press has launched a limited edition signed & numbered hardcover of The Infernal. I received my copies today, and they are beautiful. To commemorate the occasion, I’ve included below the text of the foreword to the new edition. Every word is true and heartfelt.

It has been thirteen years since this, my first novel, was published. I look back on the story now with a mixture of fondness and embarrassment (all that sex and swearing!), but can’t deny that its publication was an event that changed my life. Up until The Infernal was published, I was a working class girl with dreams too big to come true. Afterwards, nothing seemed impossible anymore. The Infernal opened many doors for me, but the most important door was the one into the Australian speculative fiction community. I was received, and continue to be received, with such warmth and enthusiasm; I found “my people” and that is worth more than any financial success or critical acclaim. In the first edition of the book, I thanked many individuals, some of whom I’m still thanking twenty books later. But for this special edition I would like to simply thank the writers, readers, publishers, and thinkers that make up the Australian SF community, people who I am privileged to call my friends.

9 thoughts on “The Infernal: thirteen years later

  1. Hi, Kim. Thirteen years ago. Wow. The Infernal is one of your books that I am still to read. You’ve achieved so much since your first novel was published. Congratulations on all your books and on your continued success, Kim. Thanks also for all your encouragement and wonderful advice at UQ, and during the Year of the Novel and Year of the Edit workshops at the Queensland Writers Centre. You are inspirational. All the best, Joanna :))

  2. Hi Kim. You may not remember me but I was in an Anglo-Saxon literature tutorial with you the day you came in and said that you were going to be published. That must have been close to 15 years ago because I think I was pregnant with my now-14 year old son. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved over the years. PS. I’ve just joined the QWC so hope to meet you again one day.

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