Music and Words

I hath finished “The Garden of the Mad King” after 3 and a half years of thinking, and just over a year of writing. I both love it and hate it, and there is a looooottta work to be done to fix it. But I’m not thinking about that just yet.

I always miss certain aspects of a book when the composition is finished, and in the few days since I finished this one, I’ve been missing my playlist. I always make a playlist of suitable music for every book I write; kind of a shortcut to get me in the mood. I am fiercely missing that music at the moment, or rather I am missing writing with that music on. Hearing any of the songs makes me long for the book. In particular, my three main characters kind of attached themselves to particular songs, and hearing those songs can make me yearn for them the way you might yearn for a lost lover.

Bluebell, the lead character and the oldest sister, is inextricable in my imagination now from The Tea Party’s Sister Awake. Rose, the second sister, who is embroiled in a forbidden love plot, will always be Regina Spektor’s Field Below. And Ash, the third sister, who is struggling with an uncontrollable supernatural ability, will always be The Waterboys’ This is the Sea (sorry, this video doesn’t really go with my book, but it was the only one I could find). There were so many other songs: a bunch of great English folk but especially Led Zeppelin and Nick Drake; some hard-edged dreamy post-rock from Hammock and Sigur Ros; and other random songs that just came to mean something to me over the time I was writing. Hard to acknowledge that it’s all in the past now, the lovely squishy sweet feeling of putting on the music, cracking my knuckles, and creating that world.

Time for me now to get out a new notebook, start thinking about a new Kimberley Freeman now, and collect songs for a new playlist.

5 thoughts on “Music and Words

  1. Congratulations on finishing your first draft of your special book. I love your idea of having a playlist per novel. I love my iPod jogging playlist. Happy New Year. Thanks for all your inspiration, guidance, and for your wonderful novels. I look forward to reading ,’The Garden of the Mad King’ when it is published..

  2. Hi Kim. Being stuck in the UK, I am finding it hard to get my hands on your books here. I’ve just discovered some of your titles in the Kindle store, but only your Kim Wilkinson titles. There are no Kimberley Freeman on the Kindle UK site. Do you have any influence over this, and if so would you consider releasing your Freeman titles to Kindle? I would really appreciate it. Seriously. It would make me unbearably happy. Thanks.
    Lots of reading love, Di in the UK.

    • I’m not sure about kindle, di, but i think they are on the iBook store. does that help? I suppose it doesn’t. BUT there will be a US edition of Wildflower Hill out in June, and I think they might do a kindle edition.

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