Wheel of Fortune

I have been sitting on some pretty big news for the last few months, and I’m only just now at liberty to talk about it. It seems that my alter ego, Kimberley Freeman, has attracted some serious attention internationally. Wildflower Hill, my twenty-first novel, has done some very big things. Back in May, I was offered a very very VERY significant deal by a German publisher. There was bidding, offers, counter-offers. It felt as though I was living somebody else’s life for a little while. When the final offer came in via email I just sat there looking at it, speechless, for a full twenty minutes. Then I went out and bought a new car.

I thought that might be it for me, all the staggering news my modest career could support. But then I had word that Wildflower Hill had been selected in the United States as the Target Book Club Pick, and in Canada for the Walmart Book Club. The number of books ordered to meet the projected demand probably amounts to more than I’ve ever sold of all my books in all territories combined (and did I mention there’d been 20 of the mofos?).

But this post isn’t just a shameless brag (thought it is, absolutely, a brag). These wonderful successes have really got me thinking about the wheel of fortune. Not the game show (which, I might add, I was very very good at), but the tarot card that symbolises a radical shift in fortune. You’ll see from the picture that when somebody’s at the top, somebody else is at the bottom. The message is that those positions aren’t firm, can shift any time, in your favour, or against you. I have had times when I’ve felt as though the bottom is the only aspect of the wheel I’ll see. I tend to keep my career disappointments to myself–after all, I am published and established so mustn’t complain–but I assure you there have been many. The wonderful thing is that now, while I’m sitting smugly at the top, I am very much aware that it can’t last, not forever. I’ll enjoy the view while I’m up here, for sure. But my real successes are measurable in the relationships I have built, the love that I have given and received, the good will that I have enjoyed in every facet of my life. And, as the song goes, they can’t take that away from me.

28 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune

  1. All so fabulous and very well deserved. You’ve been my favourite author since The Infernal and have thoroughly enjoyed all 21 of the mofos! I can’t believe Wildflower Hill hasn’t been promoted as much in Tasmania considering it’s set here and there aren’t all that many books that are. I rang every freaking bookstore in Hobart on the weekend so I could buy it to take over to a friend in Germany and none had it. I had to buy it on Amazon.de and have it sent to where I’ll be staying. You’re amazing and I hope your position on top of that wheel of fortune stays for quite some time.

  2. Congratulations, Kim β™₯ You deserve this and have worked extremely hard. The Wheel of fortune is going to hang around for awhile so enjoy the view and live your best life…BTW what kind of car did you buy? πŸ™‚

  3. Oh Kim, that’s wonderful! Finally, the rest of them are going to enjoy your amazing writing. And you know what this really means? I’m going to have better access to your books outside of Australia! Hooray!

  4. Congratulations! I love your novels (“Giants of the Frost” being one of my all-time favorites) and wish they were more readily available in the US, so I’m glad to hear that you have recently had such great success here!

  5. WOW!!! that is so fantastic – I’m incredibly excited for you Kim. Jumping around like a 5 year old excited. I searched for this (now famous) book when it was first released and failed. Now I will seek it out with greater earnest! It will be my in flight reading for my trip to France in 2 weeks. Celebrate some more.

  6. That’s such awesome news Kim, I didn’t fully understand the proportions of this till I read your blog. It’s really amazing – congratulations!!!

  7. You know Kim, you really deserve this. I can’t think of another Australian author who does quite so much (and I know that’s a little biased but I don’t care!).
    Aside from being a really wonderful writer, think of all the beginning writers whom you’ve put so much into through your workshops and mentorships. You’ve given so much to the writing community here. It’s payback time.
    And thanks to you, I’ve almost finished my first draft. I’ll never forget what your kind and encouraging words did on those occasions when I wondered whether I could see it through.
    So enjoy! xx

  8. I’m happy for you. In sorry that I’m not going home this year. I’d love to see a KF in my shopping cart.
    I’ll be sending my dad out to get it. I have staff: my dad.

  9. Congratulations Kim. I hate to be smarmy, but I knew this day was coming, and it couldn’t have happened to a more generous author. Can it be a ‘destination of fortune’? I’m sure life will just get better and better!

  10. Fabulous news, Kim! So heartening to see your success, and so deserved. Love that you use the tarot as a ref for the ups and downs of being a published author. I’ve been a fan since Angel of Ruin! Brilliant writing; brill storytelling. Big Woooo hoooo!!!!

  11. As someone who has been enjoying your books since the start, this is such satisfying news. Novelist is a precarious profession, and I’m thrilled that someone whose books have given me so much enjoyment over the years is getting financially rewarded for their work. Congratulations. πŸ™‚

  12. Have to tell you that I am a very difficult person to please regarding books. I love a certain type of book and cannot read just anything for the sake of reading. The name Wildfllower Hill attracted me and I enjoyed reading it very very much. It was difficult to put down. I wished it would go on even further!
    I came across it by chance, some one visiting the Yacht Club in Barbados (where I live) gave it to the library and desperate for something good to read, I found it.
    Thank you Kim, its a great book, I will look out for others in due course!!

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