Okay, I’m officially old, conservative, and out of touch

I’ve tried to put getting old off as long as I possibly can. Sometimes I knock the GST off when I tell people my age. I try to keep up with technology. I listen to new bands. I refuse to mutter darkly about Gen Y (without Gen Y, we’d haz no lolcats!). But today, I feel really really old. The reason? I’ve just found out that it’s been twenty years since the release of Nirvana’s Nevermind album.

Oh well. Whatever. Nevermind.

Twenty frickin years.

I remember all the hype in the 80s, when the twenty year anniversary of Sgt Pepper’s happened: a bunch of (what I then considered) lunatic cashed-up boomer hippies grasping pathetically to their youths going around saying, “It was twenty years ago today.” I revelled in my twenties as though they were never going to run out. I was never going to be a lunatic cashed-up Gen-X grunger grasping pathetically to my youth going around saying, “Oh well whatever never mind.”

And yet, I do still listen to my 90s music. There’s plenty of Radiohead and Pumpkins on my fancy iPod in my luxury 4WD. I play Astrid videos of The Breeders and Sonic Youth on my giant flat screen TV. I often stream my Tori Amos and Kristin Hersh albums via my integrated wireless sound system. OH MY GOD, I AM BECOMING A GIANT CLICHE!

So much has happened in twenty years. I got me an educashun, I published 21 books, I had two children, I started and ended a marriage. I have lived such a lot of my life. Why, then, does Nevermind feel like it was just yesterday?

I recently listened to author Claire Corbett talk about the phrase “time flies”. In fact, as she pointed out, the original Latin (tempus fugit) means “time flees”. Time is a fugitive. It’s running away from you. I really feel that today. A special shout-out to my Mellon Collie Gen-X friends on this fine morning, here in the future.

3 thoughts on “Okay, I’m officially old, conservative, and out of touch

  1. I feel your pain, Kim. I’m deliriously happy both Roxette and Sade are coming to Brisbane – it was TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO I saw them in Sydney. (Sobs quietly and contemplates birthday next week.)

  2. I know! Tell me about it! Half of the reason I was gobsmacked yesterday tuning into Triple J and finding out twenty years had gone by! and it is only like yesterday I was dancing in that Israeli night club in the middle of the desert 🙂

    But can you imagine being soooooo’ young or for that matter not even born and miss the magick of Nirvana!

    There’s something to be said about experiencing these things first hand rather than discovering something once it’s gone 🙂

    Oh and thanx for making me feel incredibly old too! I remember the 20th anniversary of Seargant Peppers! The Beatles was a huge influence on me growing up – *sheesh* let’s not even go there LOL xx

  3. it’s amazing how music telescopes time. 1991 was a loooong time ago. I was in my last year of uni in 1991, and in that year I remember telling someone, ‘I don’t like re-inventing wheels. I think if I’m interested in something, someone, somewhere has probably already written the book about it and I’ll just go to the library and look it up.’ I thought myself quite the search engine.

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