An adventure in poetry

I love reading poetry. I love the concentrated language, the gist-ful risks it takes, and the way it almost-but-not-quite goes purple if you squeeze it a little. But I pretty much suck at writing it, so I rarely do it. I would rather write an entire novel than try to distil a thought in poetry. Nonetheless, as the blog title indicates, I gave it a crack because I’ve been… ahem… inspired lately. It’s nice to be inspired, if you know what I mean. 😉


We are like the sea, my love and I.
I am the bay, waiting tentative at the entrance between great headlands,
Still and uncertain sometimes, a servant to the sky’s whims:
Her blue preening, her cloudy tantrums.
Ah, but he is the ocean,
Ozone-scented, fresh, and rushing all around me.
He knows himself—the sun in his shallows,
The thundering depths,
The green-blue embrace, warmed by sharded light—
Where at last I sink,
And arrive

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