How to write a novel, by me

I’m doing something exciting with the Queensland Writers Centre next month. Because I’m not taking any year-long courses for them, I came up with the idea for an intensive weekend course (a “boot camp” if you will) that teaches everything I know about preparing to write a novel. It’s going to be full-on, starting on a Friday afternoon and ending on a Sunday. I challenge the writers involved to clear the decks, batten down the hatches, and assorted other shipping metaphors. We’ll be planning out our narrative structure, getting to know our characters, coming up with a blueprint for getting the novel finished (students can then go on to do a Year of the Novel course if they like). My goal is to drive the students really really hard so they push through their resistance and go home inspired and equipped to write their novel. It’s an application-only course (I am trying to put together the group that I think will work best), and if you’re interested you can find more details here. If you’re too far away to come in for a weekend course, you might be interested in taking my online Year of the Novel course (26 lessons over a year). This one will be tutored by another writer, but the lectures and lesson plan are all me. More info here. You’ll have to be a member of QWC to take either course, but they’re the best writers centre in Australia (possibly the world) so why would you NOT want to be?

9 thoughts on “How to write a novel, by me

  1. So excited to be part of this – rushed over to the info page …… and realised hubby isn’t home that weekend (Fly in, Fly out) He’s home every second weekend. Most annoyed…. Been wanting to get to one of your courses for ages. Poo.

  2. That’s a pretty cool idea. It would be super interesting to do this with guidance from another writer and see how you would do it differently to me. I could see this being quite a helpful experience for a lot of aspiring novelists.

  3. I was so excited to hear that Kim, I really wanted to do one of your course, but obviously can’t get there. When will you teach Year of The Novel again? I’d like to do it when your teaching!

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