Splitting Skulls

Knock, knock. Hello? Is God in?

So I came to Orkney in part to do Viking-y things, and today I was a true Viking by anyone’s estimation. After visiting the neolithic tomb of Maes Howe to look at the Viking graffiti therein, I headed into the town of Kirkwall (home of the magnificent 12th century crumbly cathedral St Magnus’s) for a spot of lunch and some Orkney ale.

“Give me a steak pie and a bottle of Skull Splitter,” I said.

The bar-keep did a double-take. I swear everyone in the bar hushed.

“Are ye sure, lassie? Skull Splitter is no’ really a lunchtime ale,” he said. “It’s very strong; eight-and-a-half percent.”

“I’m from Australia,” I said. “I can handle it.”

By Odin’s beard it was strong. But I drank it. And here is photographic evidence.

5 thoughts on “Splitting Skulls

  1. Lol – I got an advertisement for improving my brain power right beneath that great shot of the skull splitter. Loving your posts, Kim.

  2. 8.5% is easy, lol, good on you for drinking it, strong or not! I wonder if the name has anything to do with describing the hangover un-Australian’s get from drinking it… 😀

  3. I wonder….do they export Skull Splitter? I love that you look so relaxed and that you dress casual and for the weather and the locale. No glam. Just you. Wonderful! And that you share with us…..

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