The bells, the bells

I’m writing this in bed, with the window open to let in a chilly morning breeze and the gorgeous ringing of the bells on York Minster at the end of the Sunday service. I am agnostic. I certainly don’t believe in the Christian idea of god (I mean, who calls their god “God”? It’s like calling your cat “Cat”. What’s wrong with a cool, stirring name like Thor or Athena?). No disrespect intended. I should stress, I’m not an atheist either. I do believe in… something. On some days. Just not all that palaver about devils and angels and saints and so on, nor in a man in the sky who gets cranky if you put your genitals where you shouldn’t. I mean, like he’d care, right? And like he’d be a he anyway. If there is a god, I’m sure gender wouldn’t be involved: what would be the point?

Having said all this, I’m still glad that people spent a lot of time and money in the past building awesome places like York Minster so I can enjoy them because I do love old churches and I do love church bells.

I have now settled in York for an extended stay, and have an incredible apartment just behind the minster. You can see the view from my sitting room window above. Between the view and missing my children, it’s a wonder I’m getting any work done at all, but I am reading and writing up a storm. I have several projects on the go, and the difficulty is deciding which to work on in any given day. I’m feeling like fiction today, so as soon as I’m done with this post I’ll get into my novella. If I’m quiet, it’s because I’m working. Or listening to bells.

2 thoughts on “The bells, the bells

  1. I can relate, Kim. I am not Christian or Muslim, but growing up in Morocco when the French were still there, I heard church bells on Sundays, and every day, five times a day, the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer and both are such hauntingly beautiful sounds. I used to believe god was an old man in the sky with a long beard. Ha! He went the way of Santa Clause a long time ago. Now I call on Astarte or Isis or Innana and Even Hecate – especially if I am pissed off!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. I guess you haven’t read the Holy Scriptures or you would know who God is and His
    Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He does care about you and as the Bible says “even the hairs of your head are numbered”.
    In this day of interenet and computers it’s getting easier to believe in an all knowing,
    loving God. If man can do what he does, it is easier to believe in God and His Creation that we enjoy.
    I enjoyed your book, Wildflower Hill

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