Hexebart's Well

Solvitur Ambulando

Milton used to say this, apparently. You’d know that if you read my novel Angel of Ruin but hardly anyone did so I’m assuming you didn’t know that solvitur ambulando means “it is solved by walking”.
Walking is my exercise of choice. Not just for keeping fit, but because it seems to elevate my mood and make my brain work properly. I have a number of projects on the go here on my research trip, and sometimes while sitting here working on my netbook they become impossible. So I go walking.

Back home, my walk of choice is Mt Coot-tha, but here in York I’ve discovered a brilliant one-hour walk around the city’s medieval walls (see picture). There are stairs and slopes and uneven flagstones and places where there is no handrail, and whole sections of the wall are missing and I have to walk through suburbia (but that’s how I discovered Waitrose!), but it has been keeping my brain ticking over and I love love love it. I’ve finally finished the edit of “Garden of the Mad King” so I’ll send that to my agent when I get home and hope she can find a publisher; I’ve written the first quarter of the novella “The Year of Ancient Ghosts”; I’ve done all the reading and written an abstract for a symposium paper on medievalist internet memes; and I’m writing a paper on medievalism, gender, and World of Warcraft that is coming out in a collection with Routledge next year. I just know that, if i wasn’t walking for an hour every day, I’d just sit here on the couch all day, mouth breathing, playing Bejewelled on Facebook, and the circle of self-loathing would start.

Solvitur ambulando: my prescription for increased cognitive and creative productivity. Trust me: I’m a doctor.