Keeping going is sometimes super hard

Yesterday, I started my new Kimberley Freeman novel “Ember Island”. I have 30 000 words a month to write for the next four months, and in my planning for how I’m going to accomplish this, I had to assess my weaknesses and the threats to my writing time (Hello, Interwebz). The big threat to this project is that I am travelling a lot through November, including two long-haul trips; there’s Christmas in December; and school holidays with my kids home for 4 weeks in Janaury. It would be all too easy to throw my hands in the air and say “I don’t have time to write!”

So I need strategies, and over the summer, for the benefit of all mankind (at least those who write), I’m going to be trying out a range of strategies to make “keep going” a reality. See, for example, the photo of my notebook here (excuse my knees and toes in the shot; it is customary for me to work in bed or on the couch). There are twenty-five numbers in the table, and combined they add up to 30 000 (my goal for November). On 25 of the 30 days of November, I have to pick a number and write that much. There are small amounts, for days when I am tightly scheduled, and big amounts for when I have the luxury of time.

Watch this space for more helpful tips.Image

19 thoughts on “Keeping going is sometimes super hard

  1. Ah Dr Kim, impecable timing! Just this morning I asked myself how I can stop distracting myself with from my studies – Facebook being my weakness. While I don’t have 30K worth of words to write, I have notes to prepare for an exam and assignments to finish. I know I can modify your system to suit my needs and what joy to be able to cross off completed tasks. Thanks for the helpful advice. S

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  3. Really… just looking at those numbers says it all… looking at it as small chunks rather than that big scary 30 000. Great idea.

  4. ooh ! ooh!! I’m copying – literally I copied the numbers…and I am going to try the big numbers first ( ok well some of them)
    Nice knees too!

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  7. I wrote a really neat version in Python…but no normal people go anywhere near Python. So I wrote a much less neat version in Javascript. I’ll send you the file.

  8. I should’ve done something similar for the National Month of Writing but even knowing my aim for 1667 a day didn’t help me write! I always felt like my writing was kind of boring and wasn’t sure where the story was going.

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