X-Files Season 1 episodes 1-5


Is that you, Clarice?

Well, I’ve made a good start by binge-watching the first five eps. To be honest, I had in the back of my mind that I’d just have to “push through” the first season; memories of how AWESOME it got in series 3 and 4 had made me think the first episodes were uneven or clumsy. NOT SO! Right out of the gate, this show is brilliant. First comes the pilot, titled (unsurprisingly) “Pilot”. Teenagers from the same graduating class turning up dead in the forest, a conspiracy, a strange grey ape-like thing in a coffin where a human should be: it asked enough questions and did it with fabulous unsettling atmosphere. Scully’s hair and look was very Clarice Starling. The next few episodes featured UFO’s near a secret airbase (“Deep Throat”), a guy who’d been murdering people for their livers for a hundred years (“Squeeze”), a kid who heard binary code in TV static (“Conduit”), and a lady bigfoot (“Jersey Devil”). In my mind, I’ve often sorted X-Files eps into “Myth” episodes, which deal with Mulder and UFOs and conspiracies and alien abductions, and the “Monster” episodes, which are one-offs, usually more entertaining, when Mulder and Scully solve supernatural crimes. This first season mixes the myth and the monster a few times already (“Pilot” and “Conduit”) and I have much higher tolerance for it than I thought I’d have (having always been a “Monster” fan). At one point in “Conduit”, I actually turned to my husband and said, “I am in love with Scully.” He took it well.

The thing that strikes me the most: they both look so young! Scully is a pouty little dolly, even in her ill-fitting brown suits. Also: it’s stood the test of time. Sure the tech is different (pagers, clunky computer keys, big angular cars), but nothing seems too old fashioned. Perhaps it’s just cos I lived through the nineties.

I’m pumped for more!

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