X Files season 1 episodes 6-9

Ploughing through them, sometimes amazed, sometimes can’t believe how dated they look.


Whyyyyyy, Cos? Whyyyyyyyyyy?

Ep 6, “Shadows” is pretty good. A young woman’s boss dies (spoiler: is MURTHERED) and he hangs around defending her from rough creeps and trying to enact his revenge. This was a classic monster-of-the-week ep, and it reminded me just how many floral dresses we all wore in the 90s. And flat shoes (usually Docs). And frizzy fringes. Ep 7, “Ghost in the Machine” is sooooo dated, with its artificial-intelligence-gone-wrong theme and the super computer looking kind of like a giant fridge that talks. Bonus cheese points for the “whyyyyyyy, josh, whyyyyy?” the computer says at the end after being vanquished. The next episode, “Ice”, is the polar opposite (see what I did there?), set in the Arctic (or Artic as the Americans all say) and featuring real tension and fear and cool alien gruesome stuff; not to mention a few lols (e.g. Mulder reminding everyone how cold it was in the “Artic” before stripping down). I loved it! Not so ep 9, “Space”, which failed to even make coherent sense (if the “face” was on Mars, then how did it possess Lt. Col. Marcus Aurelius Belt while he was near the moon? and while we’re on believability, why did Mrs Belt call her son Marcus Aurelius?). Carter phoned that episode in, but can be forgiven because the show was still finding its feet, Scully was still finding her style, and Mulder was still finding a non-deadpan delivery style (spoiler: he never found it).

There are so many episodes to go I feel overwhelmed. 24 in season 1 alone! I’d better get cracking.

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