X Files rest of season 1

I have binge-watched the rest of the first season over the last few days, which hasn’t left an awful lot of time for blogging.

Ep 10 was a mythology one that, I am ashamed to admit, I fell asleep during. It was the first appearance, however, of Max Fenig, who I’d forgotten all about. Looking forward to seeing him again. Ep 11 was the cool evil twins story “Eve”, that had the woman who played Bebe in Frasier in it. I couldn’t help but hear all her dialogue said in the voice she used in Frasier, but apart from that it was pretty cool. Ep 12 “Fire” was a great story but made too much of Mulder’s ex Phoebe, who was an all-round pain in the arse, not believable as a woman he’d have liked (not while Scully was standing right there… sigh).

I used to be in the X Files. That makes me kind of a big deal, Gandalf.

I used to be in the X Files. That makes me kind of a big deal, Gandalf.

But Ep 13, “Beyond the Sea” was pure genius, arguably the best of the entire season. Scully’s dad dies, then makes a ghostly reappearance, and a death row inmate seems to know something about it. The death row inmate was played by Brad Dourif, aka Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings films. He was AMAZING and I think working with another great actor really brought out Gillian Anderson’s chops, which, let’s be honest here, don’t often get challenged by Duchovny.

“Gender Bender”, “Lazarus”, and “Young at Heart” are all solid monster-of-the-week eps, without the emotional character involvement of “Beyond the Sea”. Ep 17, “E.B.E” is a great mythology ep that sees the first appearance of the Lone Gunmen. Yay! Love those guys. I fell asleep in “Miracle Man”, kind of dug the werewolf thread in “Shapes”, but utterly loved “Darkness Falls”, the one where the lumberjacks get swarmed by an ancient parasite they TOTALLY DESERVED because they were logging where they oughtn’t be (at least I think that was the message). Classic characters-in-a-can episode, where the bad thing can only happen if there’s no light.

“Tooms” is notable for the reappearance of Eugene but for the first appearance of Principal Skinner, I mean Walter Skinner (I always got them confused). Great little reincarnation story in Ep 22 “Born Again” and another intriguing twin story in Ep 23 “Roland” (which was, incidentally, going to be my daughter’s name if she was a boy). Then Ep 24, the last of the season, was an epic mythology where something something government conspiracy: you guessed it, I fell asleep in this one too. I don’t want to blame Chris Carter for all my falling asleep as I have recently been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, so perhaps that was to blame. But government conspiracies make me….zzzzzzz.

Onwards into season 2!

One thought on “X Files rest of season 1

  1. Gosh, I forgot Brad Dourif was in an episode! Eve was an excellent episode – those kids were creepy as hell. I also liked the episode Shapes which was a werewolf one (the mythology one you fell asleep though?). Re Fire, didn’t Phoebe also have a bad fake English accent? That episode also had Mark Sheppard in it who seems to have been typecast in the bad-guy roles ever since. He’s currently causing mischief (in the best possible way) in Supernatural.

    The Lone Gunmen were awesome and also had their own series. It only ran for one season but I really enjoyed it. Worth tracking down if you aren’t thoroughly sick of the X-files by now!

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