Changing Nail Colour! My Life Was Not Complete!

Well I did say I’d review everything. I am an inveterate nail-biter; have been since the age of 5 when I stopped sucking my thumb. While I was once mortified to learn that only a tiny 10% of nail-biters continue into adulthood, I have now decided that as far as bad habits go, it’s a fairly mild one. I don’t smoke, take drugs, or drink much, after all (the last one depends on Kate Forsyth, whose presence is inevitably accompanied by Very Good Champagne).

So I visit a nail salon every three weeks for SNS nails (much better for you than acrylic) and I have discovered the joy of colour-changing nail polish. I mean, look at the pics! Dark purple when it’s cold, crimson when it’s warm. I’m so delighted by it that I’m always sticking my fingers into cold or warm places (minds out of the gutter please) to make it change.

And from the ridiculous to the sublime: next review will be Bladerunner 2049.


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