Books for Young Adults and Children

The Pearl Hunters
published in the US as “Unclaimed Heart”

The year is 1799. Constance Blackchurch’s mother disappeared sixteen years ago, and Constance barely remembers her. But when she hears that her father, a merchant seaman, is taking an unexpected trip to Ceylon to track her mother down, Constance stows away for an adventure of a lifetime.
The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are where Alexandre dives for pearls – but they are not his to keep. His talents are far greater than the ability to hold his breath longer than all the other divers. He is an artist, and when he meets Constance, he finds hope that one day, his life will be different.
But Alexandre has upset a very dangerous man. And as Gilbert de Locke draws ever closer, Constance will be thrown on all her resources to save her own life… and the life of her father.

“The setting is exotic, the plot keeps evolving and the conclusion is very satisfying… a vibrant romantic adventure story. Highly recommended” – Good Reading

“Wilkins pens a sweeping romantic novel filled with forbidden love and family secrets. Young readers will love all the drama and raw emotion that are layers deep in this historical yet contemporary tale. Unclaimed Heart is not a selection for your mother’s book club but instead a fresh and exciting novel that teens will cherish for generations to come.” – Book Divas

The Sunken Kingdom Series

I. Ghost Ship
II. Tide Stealers
III. Sorcerer of the Waves
IV. The Star Queen

Asa and Rollo are royal children. Their parents, King Sigurd and the Star Queen, are dead. Flood, the evil court magician, has taken over and used his powers to drown the kingdom. Asa and Rollo are the only hope remaining for the people of the Star Lands.

In Ghost Ship, a loyal family friend gives Asa and Rollo an enchanted ship so they can rescue their infant sister, Una, from their parents’ killers. But first they must outrun Emperor Flood’s sky patrols.
In Tide Stealers, underwater outlaws steal Asa’s magical Moonstone Star and throw it away. She and Rollo must find it, but the sea giants have it now!
In Sorcerer of the Waves, Skalti Wolfkiller tells Asa and Rollo about the sorcerer Ragni, who might know the truth about the fate of their parents. A night journey in their ship Northseeker leads them to a mysterious riddle.
In The Star Queen, spies are destroying the countryside in their desperate search for Asa and Rollo. To save innocent lives the children turn Northseeker towards Castle Crag, determined to face the evil Emperor Flood once and for all.

“I absolutely love this!” – Woman’s Day Kids’ Choice
“a lively adventure” – Sunday Age
“a dark fantasy that may have readers wishing there were more than four planned books” – Reading Time
“loyal and courageous characters who inspire both male and female readers” – Buzzwords
“tight and right on track… this series should prove popular with middle primary readers. Recommended” – Magpies

The Gina Champion Mysteries:

I. Bloodlace (out of print)
II. Fireheart (out of print)
III. Moonstorm (out of print)
IV. Witchsong
V. Nightshade

“My name is Gina Champion, and there’s something you should know about me.”
Gina is no ordinary sixteen-year-old. She’s psychic, and she uses her ability to solve supernatural mysteries in the small town of Blackwater Bay. From witchcraft to ghosts, from curses to spirit possession, the Gina Champion books are smart, sassy, and very scary.

“all the style and readability of her adult books” – Bookseller and Publisher
“Gina Champion has been in a number of books, but this is a good place to make her acquaintance… there is.. intelligence in the writing” – The Sydney Morning Herald
“packed with all the elements of the best page-turners: mystery, action, strong characters and relationships, and an intriguing plot” – The Courier Mail
“Gina is a great character, likeable, intelligent, flawed and believable” – Viewpoint
“simply cannot be put down” – Reading Time
“fun, grisly, escapist reading” – Children’s Bookseller and Publisher

Space Boogers

At St Groan’s boarding school, all the smart children are mysteriously going missing. And since Linus’s best friend Ang is a genius, he is clearly in danger. What or who could be behind the disappearances?
When a bit of eavesdropping outside the principal’s office reveals the truth, the boys are in for a nasty shock: St Groan’s is being invaded by space boogers!

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