Kim Wilkins was born in London, and grew up at the seaside north of Brisbane, Australia. She is an Associate Professor of writing and book culture at University of Queensland. She writes a lot, usually by ignoring unimportant things like cooking and washing her children’s clothes. She has enduring obsessions with Viking-age England, misty landscapes, pagan mythology, Led Zeppelin, and really really small dogs.


Adult Fantasy 

  • Queens of the Sea
  • Sisters of the Fire
  • The Silver Well (with Kate Forsyth)
  • Odin’s Girl
  • Daughters of the Storm 
  • The Year of Ancient Ghosts
  • Rosa and the Veil of Gold
  • Giants of the Frost
  • The Autumn Castle
  • Angel of Ruin
  • The Resurrectionists
  • Grimoire
  • The Infernal

Women’s Historical Adventures  (by Kimberley Freeman)

  • Stars Across the Ocean
  • Evergreen Falls
  • Ember Island
  • Lighthouse Bay
  • Wildflower Hill
  • Gold Dust
  • Duet

Young Adult Novels

  • The Pearl Hunters
  • Nightshade: A Gina Champion Mystery
  • Witchsong: A Gina Champion Mystery
  • Moonstorm: A Gina Champion Mystery
  • Fireheart: A Gina Champion Mystery
  • Bloodlace: A Gina Champion Mystery

Children’s Books

  • Ghost Ship: The Sunken Kingdom I
  • Tide Stealers: The Sunken Kingdom II
  • Sorcerer of the Waves: The Sunken Kingdom III
  • The Star Queen: The Sunken Kingdom IV
  • Space Boogers