Kim Wilkins was born in London, and grew up at the seaside north of Brisbane, Australia. She has degrees in literature and creative writing, and teaches at the University of Queensland and in the community. Her first novel, The Infernal, a supernatural thriller was published in 1997. Since then, she has published across many genres and for many different age groups. Her latest books, contemporary epic women’s fiction, are published under the pseudonym Kimberley Freeman. Kim has won many awards and is published all over the world. She lives in Brisbane with a bunch of lovable people and pets.


Adult Historical Fantasy 

  • Sisters of the Fire Harlequin Mira (2016)
  • A Sea of Wings Harlequin Mira (2016)
  • Odin’s Girl PS Publishing (2016)
  • Daughters of the Storm Harlequin Mira Australia (2014); Del Rey Spectre US (forthcoming); also forthcoming in France
  • The Year of Ancient Ghosts (collection of novellas), Ticonderoga, 2013
  • Rosa and the Veil of Gold HarperCollins Australia (2005); Orion UK (2006); Tor Books US (2007)
  • Giants of the Frost HarperCollins Australia (2004); Orion UK (2005); Warner US (2006); Mir Khipi Russia (2007)
  • The Autumn Castle HarperCollins Australia (2003); Orion UK (2004); Warner US (2005)
  • Angel of Ruin HarperCollins Australia (2001); Orion UK (as Fallen Angel 2002)
  • The Resurrectionists HarperCollins Australia (2000); Orion UK (2001)
  • Grimoire Random House Australia (1999); Heyne Germany (2000); Orion UK (1999); Poche France (2001)
  • The Infernal Random House Australia (1997); Heyne Germany (1999); Orion UK(1999); Poche France (2002)

Contemporary Women’s Fiction  (by Kimberley Freeman)

  • Evergreen Falls Hachette Livre (2014); many other editions
  • Ember Island Hachette Livre (2013); other editions US, Germany, Greece, and more
  • Lighthouse Bay Hachette Livre (2012); other editions in US, UK, Germany, and more
  • Wildflower Hill Hachette Livre (2010); Simon and Schuster US (2011); other editions in UK, Norway, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia, and more
  • Gold Dust Hachette Livre (2008); Diana/Heyne Germany (2009)
  • Duet Hachette Livre (2007);

Young Adult Novels

  • The Pearl Hunters Omnibus Scholastic (2008), Mondodore Italy (2009), Penguin Razorbill US (as Unclaimed Heart 2009)
  • Nightshade: A Gina Champion Mystery Penguin Australia (2006)
  • Witchsong: A Gina Champion MysteryPenguin Australia (2005)
  • Moonstorm: A Gina Champion Mystery HarperCollins Australia (2003)
  • Fireheart: A Gina Champion Mystery HarperCollins Australia (2002)
  • Bloodlace: A Gina Champion Mystery HarperCollins Australia (2001)

Children’s Books

  • Ghost Ship: The Sunken Kingdom I Omnibus/Scholastic Australia (2006); Random House US (2008); Forum Denmark (2008); Poche France (2009)
  • Tide Stealers: The Sunken Kingdom II Omnibus/Scholastic Australia (2006); Random House US (2008); Forum Denmark (2008); Poche France (2009)
  • Sorcerer of the Waves: The Sunken Kingdom III Omnibus/Scholastic Australia (2006); Random House US (2008); Forum Denmark (2008); Poche France (2009)
  • The Star Queen: The Sunken Kingdom IV Omnibus/Scholastic Australia (2006); Random House US (2008); Forum Denmark (2008); Poche France (2009)
  • Space Boogers Hodder Hotshots (2004)

Short Fiction and Other

  • “Wild Dreams of Blood” in Australian Review of Fiction, 1.6 (2012)
  • “Crown of Rowan” in Australian Legends of Fantasy (HarperCollins 2010)
  • “The Forest” in Dreaming Again HarperCollins Australia (2008); in Year’s Best Fantasy Tor (2009 )
  • “Dreamless” in Remix My Lit (2008)
  • “Housemates” SMS serial, Virgin Mobile (2004-2005)
  • “The Death of Pamela,” Mystery Magic And The Holy Grail. HarperCollins (2000)
  • “Vanity’s Bewitchment,” Difficult Love. UCQ Press (2000)
  • “The House at Candle Grove,” Spinouts Bronze. Longman (2000)
  • “The Little Death,” Scream For Ironbark Australia(1997)

Scholarly Publications 

  • “Writing Resilience in the Digital Age” New Writing (2014)
  • “Valhallolz: Medievalist Humour Online” Postmedieval (2014)
  • “Awesome Cleavage: the Genred Body in World of WarcraftDigital Gaming Imagines the Middle Ages ed. Kline, Routledge 2013
  • “Genre and Speculative Fiction” Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing ed Neilsen and Morley, Cambridge UP 2012
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  • “Popular Genres and the Australian Literary Community” Journal of Australian Studies 92 (2008)
  • “The Process of Genre: Authors, Readers, Institutions” Text 9.2 (2005)

Conference Presentations

  • “Runes on the Body: Tattoos and a Tradition of Viking Identity” The Medieval in the Modern World, Lincoln, UK 2015
  • “Creativity in the Age of Distraction” TedxUQ (Univ. of Queensland, March 2014)
  • “Author Platform and Endless Distraction” New Media Traditions (Univ. of Queensland, November 2013)
  • “Dislocated Wildflowers” Australian Genre Crossings (State Library of Queensland, October 2013)
  • “Ravished by Vikings” The Erotic (Mansfield College, Oxford, September 2013)
  • “Words of Art: Magic and Language in Early Modern England” The British World Conference (Toowoomba, July 2012)
  • “Writing Medieval Monsters” Monsters: Subject, Object, Abject (Manchester, April 2012)
  • “What do Vikings Mean?” ANZAMEMS Conference (Dunedin, February 2011)
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  • “‘Deliciously Contrary’: Reimagining Medieval Women’s Agency in Australian Popular Romance”  IASPR Conference (Brisbane, August 2009)
  • “Awesome Cleavage: Feminising Medieval Violence in World of WarcraftCultures of Violence and Conflict Conference (Brisbane, July 2009)
  • “Cutting off the Head of the King: Australian Fantasy Fiction’s Struggle with Unsettlement” ANZAMEMS Conference (Hobart, December 2008)
  • Keynote speaker (with Prof. Ken Gelder) Reading Popular Fiction Symposium (Brisbane, May 2006)

Reviews and Non-fiction

  • “Read and let Read: A Genre Writer’s Perspective on Literary Fiction.” Writing Queensland December 2009
  • “Creative Myths and Mishaps” Writing Queensland 152 (2006)
  • “Where Will it All End?” Writing Queensland 141 (2005)
  • “History and Gothic Fiction” Writing Queensland 115 (2003)
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  • “Coming Out Tonight.” Review of Pandora, by Anne Rice.The Age, 7 August, 1998.
  • Feature articles for Girlfriend, Single Life, New Woman, Voyager, Prevention, Connections and Australian Women’s Forum.

Awards, Prizes, and Grants


  • 2013 Aurealis Award (“The Year of Ancient Ghosts”)
  • 2009 American Library Association RUSA Reading List Award (fantasy)
  • 2008 Romantic Book of the Year award
  • 2008 Lynne Wilding award for excellence in popular fiction
  • 2007 Sassy Award for popular fiction
  • nominee 2006 Aurealis award
  • nominee 2004 Aurealis award
  • 2004 Arts Queensland Grant
  • nominee 2004 Peter McNamara award for achievement in SF
  • 2004 Sassy Award for popular fiction
  • nominee 2003 Davitt award (crime fiction)
  • nominee 2003 Aurealis award
  • nominee 2002 British SF Association award
  • 2001 Australia Council Grant for Established Writers
  • 2001 Aurealis award
  • nominee 2001 British SF Association award
  • 2001 Varuna Writers’ Centre Fellowship
  • 2000 Aurealis award
  • nominee 2000 James Tiptree Jnr Memorial Prize
  • 1998 Sassy Award for popular fiction
  • 1997 Aurealis Award (speculative fiction)


  • 2013 UQ Promoting Women Fellowship
  • 2011 UQ Faculty of Arts Early Career Research Excellence Award
  • 2009 William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review
  • 2009 Early Career Researcher Grant
  • 2008 New Staff Research Start-up Fund Grant
  • 2007 Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Thesis
  • 2003 University of Queensland Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • 1999 Australian Postgraduate Award
  • 1998 University of Queensland University Medal
  • 1998 Brisbane School of Arts Prize
  • 1997 Brisbane School of Arts Prize
  • 1997 War Widows’ Guild Prize
  • 1996 Brisbane School of Arts Prize