Winter wonderland

P1050480Just back today from Tasmania, where I finalised my research for “Field of Clouds”. I’ve been to Tassie half a dozen times now, but have never seen it so green (and so cold! sub-zero nights and mornings!) I must confess to having developed a much greater appreciation of the Australian landscape through writing this book. I am ordinarily such a Europhile. But the contrast of the rolling English-style countryside with the eucalypts and lomandra is so unique and so beautiful. I wrote a whole page of notes describing mist, cold, trees, fields, and shadows. I also did a complete read-through of the MS and marked up all the things that need fixing (there are many). I had a long chat, too, with the owner of the farm we stayed on, and that was invaluable. A few ideas in the book that were ad hoc and a bit random came together beautifully. When that happens, writing feels like a kind of alchemy: elements transformed. I really like this book. Really, really.

3 thoughts on “Winter wonderland

  1. Wonderful, Kim. Glad that you had a lovely (if freezing) holiday in Tas. It’s a beautiful photo that you’ve added here. ‘Field of Clouds’ sounds so atmospheric. I love the idea of note taking about things like mist, shadows, cold, fields, and trees. Inspiring stuff.

  2. You made me homesick!! I lived in Tassie for the first 22 years of my life and it is truly a magnificent place. I’m not sure I miss those cold winter mornings, however…

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