Dark. Really really.

Okay, so I was snoozing from my blog right through the heady days of Stranger Things II, which was super brilliant (though not as brilliant as the first season but still brilliant). But I just finished watching a German series on Flix’o’the Net called Dark. It’s been build as a German Stranger Things, but that’s pretty reductive. Dark is its own thing.
It takes place through multiple viewpoints and times, and will keep you guessing till the very end. I do recommend a notebook to keep track of who’s who (my husband and I got into the habit of saying to each other (so, that is THAT guy). But the thing I loved most about it was the moody atmosphere of the setting. Not since Twilight has rain and gloom been used to such good effect. I sank into this show with a sigh. The soundtrack is also very good (I’ve recreated it with some extra gloomy songs on Spotify: look for Hexebart and my shared playlist with Lisa Hannett “Josephine’s Wake”, which is a project we are working on together).

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